The Castiles
Band timeline

Castiles are formed. Members: Bruce (guitar, vocals) Paul Popkin (guitar, vocal) George Theiss (guitar, vocal) Frank Marziotti (bass) Bart Haynes (drums)
The First proffessional gig with "The Castiles" at the "Woodheaven swim club"
Castiles member exchance, now: Bruce (guitar, vocal) Paul Popkin (guitar, vocal) George Theiss (guitar, vocal) Curt Fluhr (bass) Vinny Maniello (drums) Bob Alfano (organ)
Bruce's first studio session ever took place at Brick Mall Shoping Centre, Bricktown, NJ. The Castiles recorded a two track single including "Baby I" and "That's what you get". Both songs were written by Geogrge Theiss and Bruce during the car ride to the studio.
Ex-member Bart Hynes was killed in action in vietnam.
The Castiles play a series of impressive sets at the "Cafe Wha?" in New York City during December and part of January
The Castiles broke down

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