Child + Steel Mill
Band timeline

Child was formed. Members: Bruce (guitar, vocal) Danny Federici (organ) Vini Lopez (drums) Vini Roslin (bass)
Child was renamed into "Steel Mill" because another Band was also named "Child".
Ocean, New Jersey, USA - Pandemonium: The band reportedly becomes upset when the audience stops watching the show and instead watches television coverage of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon.
Steel Mill was invited to play some gigs in San Francisco at the famous club "The Matrix". And so they did on January 13 and February 12 and 14. Phillip Elwood a reporter from the "San Francisco Examiner" had seen the gig on January 13 and wrote a very advantageous critic for the band
Steve van Zandt replaced Vini Roslin on the Bass.
Still Mill studio session. Three songs are recorded at the Fillmore Record Studio, San Francisco: "The Train Song" , "He's Guilty" and "Going back to Georgia". The Single was never released. Steel Mill got an offer for a recording contract with Bill Graham, the owner of the record studio, but it was refused.
Vini Lopez left the bans for about an month , so David Hazelet took the part of the drummer during this time. So far David played in a band called "Mercy Flight"
Atlantic Highlands, N:.J., USA - Clearwater Swimm Club: This had been the famous gig where the police pulled the plug during the gig. Manager Tinker pluged it in again, and the police pluged it out for the second time. The show was finally stopped by the police and some people from the audience where arrested by the reason of drug using. For more information about this gig read our interview with David Hazlett, who was playing the drums at this gig.
Robbin Thompson was added as a second vocalist to Steel Mill on a request by Bruce.
Steel Mill broke down

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