Child + Steel Mill
Pictures and poster

Child live on stage. Left to right: Bruce Springsteen, Vini Lopez, Vini Roslin
Bruce Sprigsteen playing his Les Paul Guitar. Vini Lopez on the drums.
A rare picture showing Steel Mill. Date and location are unknown.
Some pictures of Bruce jamming an old Fender Stratocaster. Date and location are unknown.
This time in color and with his Gibson Les Paul guitar. Date and location are unknown.
Steel Mill rehearseling sometime in 1970. Left to right: Danny Federici, Bruce Sprigsteen, Vini Lopez, Steve van Zandt.
Early promophoto of Child.
Bruce (left) and Steven van Zandt in 1971. Photo courtesy of Billy Smith.
Bruce Springsteen and Danny Federici standing infront of their own advertising poster.
A promotion poster for the concert at "The Clearwater Swin Club" in Atlantic Highlands, NJ wich took place on Septemer 11 1970. This is the famouse show that was stopped by the police.
A rare concert poster fom Child advertising for their gigs at "The Centre" in Richmond, Virginia on September 12 and 20 1969.

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