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Danny Federici

Let me start with the stories. Back in the days of miracles, the frontier days when "Mad Dog" Lopez and his temper struck fear into the band, small club owners, innocent civilians and all women, children and small animals. Back in the days when you could still sign your life away on the hood of a parked car in New York City... (Read more)
Daniel E. Gallagher

DANIEL E. GALLAGHER, was born in ASBURY PARK, Jan. 3, 1948, and died Thursday, Jan. 25, in Nederland, Colo., on the birthday of his maternal grandmother, the late Elizabeth Shropshire. Known far and wide as "Big Danny," he was a man of many parts. In reverse order of importance, he was a high school football player feared on both sides of the ball at Asbury Park and then Brick, where he played under Shore legend Coach Warren Wolf. ... (Read more)
Carl "Tinker" West

I first met Carl "Tinker" West in 1970 at the Upstage Club in Asbury Park,NJ. I am not sure exactly when but it was early summer. At the time, Steven VanZandt was the Bass player with Steel Mill and he was one of the guys I shared an apartment with. I remember going over to Tinker's surfboard factory to listen to Steel Mill rehearse and just hang out. Bruce, Vini and Tinker were all living there at the time. Later on, Robbin Thompson moved in too when he joined the band. ... (Read more)

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