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Interview with Robbin Thompson
by Torsten Mörke, June 2000

Back in 1969 Robbin was the lead singer of his own band called "Mercy Flight" wich played along with Bruce's former band "Steel Mill" in local clubs at the New Jersey shore. In November 1970 he joined "Steel Mill" as a second vocalist and songwriter after a request by Bruce himself. They both shared the stage till the band broke up in January 1971. Today Robbin Thompson is a 2-time American song festival winner and still active musician. He released two CD's wich you can hear and buy at:

Torsten Mörke: Why did you meet Bruce?

Robbin Thompson: I met Bruce because our bands played a lot together. He asked me to join the band because he wanted another singer and writer

Do you remember when you joined the Band?

1970-Can't remember exact date

What do you think about Tinker?

up-front guy. I don't think he wanted me in the band but we got along fine.

Can you remember what equipment Bruce used?

Bruce had a Gibson Les Paul and a Telecaster + Marshal 100 watt amp

Do you remember the song "He's Guilty" ? We have some different names for that song, what was it originally called?

He always called it "guilty" I remember guilty because I ended up recording it in 1985. It's on an LP called "Better late than never" and also on a CD called "One step up, two staps back - The songs of Bruce Sprigsteen - 1998"

What did you thought as Bruce left the Band?

I thought it was the right move for Bruce. He was the main guy. I went back to college, I don't know what tinker thought.

Interview by Torsten Mörke
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