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Tom "Cool" Yolton
Hullabaloo - March 27-28, 1970

MARCH 1970 This was at the Hullabaloo. This was not with Mercy Flight and when the word came out that Steel Mill was playing there everyone said "Where?...the Hullabaloo...where in the hell is that?". Turned out it was a place away from the V.C.U. campus. It was more of a dance club with mirrors on the walls...yes I said mirrors on the walls. No rock star is worth their weight in guitar picks unless theyíve played somewhere with mirrors on the walls. Since this was kind of an out of the way gig and Mercy Flight wasnít on the bill I obviously donít recall the actual show. Can you imagine that? I didnít even go to the show...and Steel Mill was there two nights. I remember asking someone in the band later about it and getting some reply like "Oh man did that suck...nobody was there ...they wanted us to play dance music...and they had mirrors on the walls".

I guess one of the significant things about this poster is the Steel Mill logo. The use of the industrial lettering to spell the words Steel Mill was now starting to become familiar with the students on campus, or maybe I just thought it was neat. Anyway I grabbed one up from somewhere as well as a tester from the same run. Silk screen posters and t-shirts were popular and I liked the art work.Iím a poster nut.Check out the stamp at the bottom of the poster.This was to show that you had permission from student government to hang the posters around the V.C.U. campus. By now Steel Mill had started to be some what regular around Richmond. I guess all those times pleading for a place to crash from stage paid off. I was still living in a dorm room. No one would let me crash at their matter how much I pleaded.

Occassionally I would see Springsteen walking down Grove the Fan Distric of Richmond at this time and call out or wave to him. Our drummer had him over to his parents house for dinner many times as well as the rest of his band.These were Springsteenís lean years I would assume.

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