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Above: Jay with Bruce Springsteen. Jay Dreaming
Memories of West End

I had been to the sunshine inn many times and also played at the upstage club owned by Margaret Potter and her husband. Maragaret and I played music together at one point. she wasn't much of a musician but certainly had the spirit. The West end bar, as it was called, was actually the Brighton bar, on Brighton ave., in west end, Long Branch. Bruce played there enough times. On the back of "The wild, the innocent, and the E-Street shuffle" is a picture of the band in front of an old storefront. This was around the corner from the Brighton bar and used to be a little bike repair shop / candy store called "Tommy reed's".

I grew up around the corner on west end ave. My friends and I used to see bruce a lot those days when he was living in a little house on west end court, a block away from the Brighton. He used to tell us stories when we were on the boardwalk at night at the end of west end ave. I'd see him at a lot of the local clubs. The more I look at that date of March of 70, the more I think the actual event you're referring to might instead be the concert in west end park. This was down the street from the Brighton and was actually before Steel Mill and the band was still called "Child", which had to be changed due to the name being used by someone else. This was the first concert by Bruce's band doing mostly original material. I could be wrong on the date, this may have been as early as '69.

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