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Albee Tellone
Dr. Zoom and the Sonic Boom

My name is Albee Tellone and I was in Dr. Zoom and the Sonic Boom. They used to call me "Albany Al" when I played the baritone saxophone with the Sonic Boom. We used to call it the Zoom Band. I was surprised to see Dr. Zoom on the internet. I didn't think any of that stuff was out there and that it was forgotten long ago... (Read more)

Jay Dreaming
Memories of West End

I had been to the sunshine inn many times and also played at the upstage club owned by Margaret Potter and her husband. Maragaret and I played music together at one point. she wasn't much of a musician but certainly had the spirit. The West end bar, as it was called, was actually the Brighton bar, on Brighton ave., in west end, Long Branch. Bruce played there enough times. On the back of "The wild, the innocent, and the E-Street shuffle" is a picture of the band in front of... (Read more)

Norman Peck
The Sonic Boom (and Dr.Zoom)

It was 1971, I had graduated from Rutgers College in New Brunswick, N.J. just a year before and was currently wondering what would come next for me. As it turned out, a local businessman made me an offer to open and set up a record/tape Hi-Fi store on route 37 in Toms River, New Jersey. I accepted the offer. Toms River was my home town, where I was born and raised, just a few miles from the Jersey Shore. (I'll spare you the needless details.) It wasn't long before (Read more)

Randall Kent Whited (aka Waldo)
The Band called Child

I met the band called "Child" and Bruce Springsteen in 1969 thru Tinker (Carl "Thinker" West). I had gone to Alaska in 1968 and was checking out the area "where the neon turns to wood" . I wrote Tinker to tell him how I was, and he said "appear here immediately" and sent me a plane ticket. I arrived in New Jersey shortly thereafter in the spring/summer of 1969... (Read more)

Robert D. Salzmann
The Student Prince 1971

The Student Prince gigs of 1971, truly were a piece of rock history and I consider myself very fortunate to have been a witness to it. Quite honestly, I don't know that I can provide many more details than what I've already posted. In 1971, the band's personnel did change frequently and often times during the course of an evening. Yes, Southside Johnny would step up to the microphone while Bruce... (Read more)

Thomas Blatz
Steel Mill at Clearwater Beach Club

Steel Mill played that night, Bruce on guitar, I think it was a Les paul, Steve Van Zandt on his clear Danny Armstrong bass, Danny Federici on the Hammond B-3. and the drummer with a Viking horned helmet atop the bass drum, whose name escapes me at the moment. Bruce and Steve were out front, sporting their tie-dye sleeveless t-shirts, bellbottoms, long hair and great tans, and Bruce with his his signature underbite and flawless delivery and... (Read more)

Tom "Cool" Yolton
Storys of glory days - Introduction

It was an early autumn night and I was sitting in a car outside the Free University in Richmond, VA. Having just finished our warm up set it was only natural that I was outside away from the crowd but not too far away from the sounds of the next band that we had opened up for because it was Steel Mill and the singer was Bruce Springsteen. Unherald at that time as being the savior of rock and... (Read more)

Tom "Cool" Yolton
Free University - November 20, 1969

Our first encounter with Steel Mill. Although the poster says Morning Disaster they couldn’t make it so Mercy Flight filled in. Lucky for us as we were newly formed and just beginning to play out. This was in the old Free University an alternative to traditional universities for free thinking individuals and a place to try to qualify for a student differment from... (Read more)

Tom "Cool" Yolton
Hullabaloo - March 27-28, 1970

MARCH 1970 This was at the Hullabaloo. This was not with Mercy Flight and when the word came out that Steel Mill was playing there everyone said "Where?...the Hullabaloo...where in the hell is that?". Turned out it was a place away from the V.C.U. campus. It was more of a dance club with mirrors on the walls...yes I said mirrors on the walls. No rock star is worth their weight in guitar picks unless... (Read more)

Tom "Cool" Yolton
VCU Gym - May 23, 1970

May 23, 1970 Friday Night By now Springsteen had become the rage on the campus of V.C.U. This concert was close to the end of the semester. It was in the what is now the old gymnasium, stage at one side with a backdrop. The floor was open with bleachers on the side if you wanted to sit down. The place was packed. Mercy Flight started their set.... (Read more)

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