The Bruce Springsteen Band
Band timeline

The Bruce Springsteen Band was formed. Members: Bruce (guitar, vocals) Harvey Cherlin (trumpet) Bobby Feigenbaum (sax) David Sancious (keyboards) Steve van Zandt (guitar, vocals) Vini Lopez (drums) Garry Tallent (bass) Danny Federici (organ) Francine Daniels, Barbara Dinkins, Delores Holmes (all vocals)
New York, NY, USA - Damrosch Park, Lincoln Center: This show was recorded by CBS for unknown reason.
Manager Carl "Tinker" West told Bruce to downscale the band, so the horn section was left out.
The Bruce Springsteen Band played a series of gig in "The Student Prince" , a bar in Asbury Park where they played every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in September 1971
The Band finally broke down.

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