The Bruce Springsteen Band

In contrast to his former band "Steel Mill" this band rocks in a different way. It was more in the direction of rhythm and blues then any of his projects before. It was a real big band with a horn section and female backing vocals. All in all 11 members at it's top: Springsteen (guitar + vocals) Harvey Cherlin (trumpet) Francine Daniels (vocals) Barbara Dinkins (vocals) Bobby Feigenbaum (sax) Delores Holmes (vocals) Vini Lopez (drums) David Sancious (keyboards) Garry Tallent (bass) Steve van Zandt (guitar + vocals). Occasionally manager Carl "Tinker" West and Southside Johnny joined the Band for some gigs. Danny Federici wasn't an original member of the band, he may joined for some gigs before the band broke down

The Bruce Springsteen Band was formed in July 1971 and it run at the same time as Bruce's other project "Dr. Zoom and the sonic boom". The Bruce Springsteen Band played a lot of gigs in little clubs and local university's around New Jersey. Highlighted by a series of gig in "The Student Prince" , a bar in Asbury Park where they played every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in September 1971. This had been the gigs when Southside Johnny joined the band on harmonica. In November 1971 manager Carl "Tinker" West told Bruce to downscale the band for money reasons, so the horn section was left out. The band continued playing without them until it broke down in April 1972.

The Bruce Springsteen Band could bee seen as the first line-up of what would later become the E-Street Band. So this experience was an important step for Bruces carrer.

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