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The Castiles
The Castiles are often named as the first Band Bruce played in, but in fact that had been the "Rouges". But the Rouges didn't make it long and it was nothing very important for Bruce's career. They played a few gigs and Bruce get the first stage experience. After it broke down Bruce joined "The Castiles". The name was taken from hair shampoo that everybody was using in at this time, as band member George Theiss remembers in an interview with Robert Santalli in June 1985. The Castiles played on local benefits and high school graduation dances, such as... (Read more)
Steel Mill
After the Castiles broke up, Bruce began to play regularly in a little club in Asbury Park called "The Upstage". It was opened in 1968 by Margaret Potter and her husband Tom. It was located atop a Thom McAn shoe store at 702 Cookman Avenue. You had to go upstairs to the second floor to enter the Green Mermaid cafe or “up” further to the third floor room where they had a dance hall (that's where the name comes from). There was a stage with a wall with amplifiers, a drum set, a keyboard and other onstage equipment. This was a great place for young musicians like Bruce who had the chance to get their first stage... (Read more)
Dr.Zoom and the Sonic Boom
Dr Zoom and the Sonic Boom was the band that bridged the gap between Steel Mill and the Bruce Springsteen Band. It wasn't meant to be a serious band at all and was a temporary band to fill the gap left by Steel Mill until the new Bruce Springsteen Band was fully rehearsed and ready to perform in public. It was more like a jam session at the Upstage Clup brought out into a larger venue. Temporarily known as Bruce Springsteen and the freindly enemies (as a joke name) - it was modeled after the large touring bands of the day... (Read more)
The Bruce Springsteen Band
In contrast to his former band "Steel Mill" this band rocks in a different way. It was more in the direction of rhythm and blues then any of his projects before. It was a real big band with a horn section and female backing vocals. All in all 11 members at it's top: Springsteen (guitar + vocals) Harvey Cherlin (trumpet) Francine Daniels (vocals) Barbara Dinkins (vocals) Bobby Feigenbaum (sax) Delores Holmes (vocals) Vini Lopez (drums) David Sancious (keyboards) Garry Tallent (bass) Steve van Zandt (guitar + vocals). Occasionally manager Carl "Tinker" West and Southside Johnny joined the Band for some gigs. Danny Federici wasn't an... (Read more)

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