About this work
written in May 2001

It was around May 2000 when I first got the idea to write about the early days of Bruce Springsteen. His former life and bands have always been something of interest to me. Unfortunately there had never been much literature about Springsteen's pre-Columbia time. There had been a few books from that time that included some good material , but usually this important step was only an introduction to a story about what we would later call "Brucemania". In the mid eighties there had been a wide choice of books and articles released about a working class and patriotic Springsteen. With just a few exceptions all of these books have been written with only a commercial background, and don't deliver what they promised to do. The whole background for understanding his later decisions is missing.

As I stated above, I started around May 2000 with just this idea and a hand full of old articles. I've spent hours searching in front of the screen and on the phone to find out more information. One day, I had just visited Tom Cool's homepage of old Springsteen storys, when I decided to drop him a line and ask for help. He had spend months of his youth together with Bruce and was able to introduce me to other people. By this method I was able to contact old (and good) friends of Bruce who promised to help me, and most of them did. I was able to get Carl "Tinker" West's E-Mail address and asked him for his help, but he never wrote back. I really don't know for what reason, but I heard that he never gave any interviews or stuff like that. In the next few months I was able to collect notes, interviews, concert reports and some pictures. My project was slowly growing bigger than I ever thought and I soon noticed that it was becoming very important. It doesn't seem to ever end because I included everything I was able to get my fingers on. The times we are talking about here are at least 30 years ago, and even if you had been a part of them it's hard to remember all the little details. There are many storys circulating, and for each story we have different versions. So I had to select; what was definitive, what is just fiction? That was perhaps the hardest thing of all. I always tried to make it as accurate as possible. But sometimes, especially with the dates, I'm not sure. If possible I always add a notice with the source of the information. If you still find some mistakes please contact me.

I want to thank following people for their support and help: Albee Tellone, David Hazlett, Tom Cool, Harvey Cherlin, Robbin Thompson, Vini Lopez, Jay Dreaming, Robert Salzmann and Joseph F. McHugh.

Hope you enjoy reading about the early days...

Torsten Mörke

Back again...
written in August 2004

It's been a while since I last updated this website. For some reason I couldn't find the time to go on with it, but I kept on collecting information about Bruce's life just the same. Meanwhile things have changed and I'm back working on the site. There will be a lot of updates soon. Some of them are not yet online. You see, the work still goes on. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. I've closed my German Springsteen Homepage a few months ago because it didn't make sense anymore. What made me keep going on with this side was all the feedback I got from all of you fans out there. Thanks for all the comments and information you send me! A lot of the "old guys" from Asbury Park contacted me and added their knowledge to this site. Feel free to keep writing guys!

I found a great help in Albee Tellone, who was a member of Dr.Zoom and the Sonic Boom in 1971. He corrected a lot of the spelling, added some new information to the site and identified a lot of the old pictures, some of which were labelled incorrectly. For example, there was a lot of confusion about the Dr.Zoom pictures. So this time my special thanks goes out to him, for all his help in trying to get all of the stories straight. I hope to have more stories and correct information from the "old guys" in the near future.

Torsten Mörke

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