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It has been quite a while since I last worked on this website. Meanwhile, things have changed a lot, not only in my personal life but also regarding our knowledge of the history of Bruce Springsteen. There are new sources available with new insights and pictures never seen before. However, due to lack of time and interest, this website has missed some of these developments.

But has been a major source for the early days of Bruce Springsteen anyway. I have always received requests and notes about those early days. Most of them from fans but also some very interesting ones from people near Springsteen. I have always understood that as an appreciation of my work and it has encouraged me to continue running my website and pay the bills.

Meanwhile, my work has been cited and copied a lot. Mostly with the pictures I have collected and remastered for the initial release of my website in the year 2000. Today, you can still find those pictures on other websites in the very same version and resolution that I created nearly 20 years ago. Things have changed a lot in two decades. While I have been creating own content, today it is common and established practice to copy content from others. I will try not to follow this trend. But it seems obvious to me that other sources have revealed new facts that surpass my previous knowledge. So I started to review the content and to do fixes and additions here and there.

Also I managed to visit some of those locations myself during a trip to NYC and NJ in May 2018. After having written about those old times for nearly 20 years, I finally got to see those places myself. My trip gave me huge drive and inspiration to continue this website.

The first night after returning home I couldn't fall asleep due to jet lag. I was sitting in front of my computer copying pictures and thinking about the trip. In that moment, I decided to rework and redesign the whole website. The basic work is done now, but it is not finished yet and there will be more updates in future.

I hope you enjoy reading about the early years of Bruce Sprinsteen and the New Jersey music scene. Contributions are always welcome :)

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Torsten Mörke

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